Another 2 GHz & Up Contest is in the books
By Marty Woll, N6VI


     The results of the 2017 running of the SBMS-sponsored 2 GHz & Up Contest are now official.  Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to the activity that makes this event so enjoyable.

     The club competition award went to the home team!  SBMS members submitted logs totaling 40,711 points; second was Northern California’s 50 MHz & Up Group with 21,141 points.  The Southern California Contest Club weighed in with 6,305 points.  There were no entries received from Midwest stations this year.

     Top individual score (along with the "Iron Butt" award) was claimed by Mike, K6ML of the 50 MHz & Up Group, who roved from the Bay Area to the southern San Joaquin Valley and back with 10 and 24 GHz over practically the entire weekend.  Congratulations to Mike!

     Second place went to Marty, N6VI, who lit up 2, 3, 5 and 10 GHz from Frazier Peak on Saturday and, accompanied by his XYL Clara, KJ6CNO, from Saddle Peak on Sunday.  Third was Pat, N6RMJ, who used his recently upgraded home station to snare both fixed and moving targets on 10 GHz.

     Best DX on 2 GHz (and for any band) was 474 km by N6VI working W6DXJ (who did not submit a log).  N6VI and W6IT shared the top-distance contacts on 3 and 5 GHz at 160 km each.  On 10 GHz, it was KB6BA, who managed 403 km while roving on his way home from Southern California after having made a guest appearance at the SBMS meeting earlier in the week.  Top scorer K6ML had the longest 24 GHz contact at an impressive 186 km.

     Thanks to Wayne, N6NB, who posts the rules and results on his Web pages ( and to Bill, WA6QYR, who received and compiled the logs received

     Next year’s 2 GHz & Up Contest will take place on May 5 and 6, 2018.  In the meantime, we have the ARRL 10 GHz & UP Contest to look forward to in August and September (see the events calendar in this newsletter).